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NON EXCLUSIVE PICTURE: MATRIXPICTURES.CO.UK.PLEASE CREDIT ALL USES..WORLD RIGHTS..British socialite, media personality and recent Playboy glamour model Tamara Ecclestone is pictured leaving London's High Court with her fiance Jay Rutland...The Formula 1 heiress has won the latest round in a custody battle over a rare Lamborghini Aventador...Ecclestone's former boyfriend, Omar Khyami, with whom she split last july, asserted she had given him the car as a birthday gift, which she denied via her lawyer Andreas Gledhill...The exotic sports car was collected from a London pound earlier this month, where it had been taken while away for service, then turning up in a garage owned by Elite Performance Cars Ltd, from whom she had originally purchased the car...Mr Gledhill stated that, unbeknownst to Ms Ecclestone, Mr Khyami had borrowed money from Elite, using the Lamborghini as collateral agains the loan...Ms Ecclestone made no comment following the hearing, which her lawyers said would "hold the ring" until a court could decide on the issue...APRIL 22nd 2013..REF: WTX 132679